You Can Now Use Bitcoins On Microsoft

Microsoft has joined other corporations in accepting Bitcoins as a mode of payment. The virtual forms of currency can be added to a special Microsoft account from where users can spend it on services. The cash makes it easier for fans to buy games and videos on Xbox as well as add for apps to their windows phone. Bitcoins can also be to pay for Microsoft software. The firm did not officially announce acceptance of bitcoins but rather they added a section to their customer service pages with details on how to use the virtual currency on Microsoft accounts.

This is a great step for the company considering bitcoins are widely accepted by PayPal, Dell, Expedia and Newegg among other firms as modes of payment. The currency is minted using complex cryptography and math to provide unique payment methods for ardent users of various online services. Bitcoins mining is a process by users to generate unique codes and determine who spent a certain amount. The virtual currency it an all time high value of $1,100 real cash for one but that has since declined to $357 for one bitcoin.

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