Genesis Mining

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A well-established Bitcoin and Scrypt cloud mining provider, GENESIS.COM is a leading and also the largest player in the cloud mining industry. Currently, they also provide Bitcoin mining contracts all of which are lifetime contracts an added advantage that makes their service the best in the market. Compared to any other cloud mining company out there, they provide a service that goes beyond covering important Bitcoin conferences and events to also covering three undisclosed locations in Europe, Asia and America. GENESIS-MINING.COM is also transparent in their dealings and generally caters to both big investors to small-time miners as well. Their main objective in the industry is to be the most competitive and also reputable cloud mining providers and using their service you can start with a 20 GHS (Gold) Bitcoin mining contract worth just $15.99. This will give you chance to assess their mining services and in case you are keen on going big and investing large sums of money, you can buy 1000 GHS (Platinum) for just $779 or 10,000 GHS (Diamond) which is worth $7699. Currently, they have however run out of Scrypt or Altcoin mining contracts.

GENESIS.COM is a presentable website, fully organized and free from clutter. Setting up an account with them is also a very simple affair after which you can instantly start mining. You just have to sign up for their service, fund your account with some Bitcoin and then pick a mining plan that corresponds to your needs. They also accept payments via bank transfers, Darkcoin, Litecoin and also Dogecoin options that will suit if you lack Bitcoin. They are also working to introduce credit card payments platform in the future. Generally, since GENESIS MINING commenced business a few months ago, they have continuously upgraded their Scrypt Hashrate for free, an initiative that has made most of their existing clients happy. Most importantly, their contracts have proven to be profitable and they haven’t registered any complaints from their customers so far.
Once GENESIS.COM has funded your new account you can start to mine right away and as an owner of Bitcoin mining contract, you don’t need to do anything. All you have to do is sit back and just watch how Bitcoins will start to flow into your account. And if you own or have purchased a Scrypt mining contract it is now time to apportion your hash power. You should turn it to AUTO to bring you the most profitable coins and also exchange your earnings to Bitcoins and make daily payouts possible. The best thing that GENESIS MINING offers is also the option to split your total hash-rates into different coins. Up to September 2014, you can now distribute your hash power to Feathercoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Megacoin, Blackcoin, Auroracoin, Lottocoin and Reddcoin. Most importantly, you can also voice your opinion via a Facebook poll stating which coins you think they should add into their mining operations next time.
The above services clearly shows that GENESIS.COM is capable of providing a pleasing to all their customers and fulfilling their desires as well. Since a few providers will allow you to mine your own Altcoins, GENESIS.COM comes across as the only cloud mining company in the industry that actually offers such a service. This makes them unique and they are certainly headed into the right direction as they now have more option for clients who would like to use their Scrypt mining contracts. They also different from other companies that have hidden fees and their website design is also catchy with a striking mining dashboard. On the dashboard you can view your current mining statistics, allocations, transactions and earnings in USD as well. You can also add more hash power by just clicking the Upgrade Hashpower button while logged into your account.

By just clicking My Account button you can easily manage your account information, add 2-factor authentication and also view your wallets for different coins. GENESIS.COM will also address all your questions and concerns promptly as they pride themselves of having the best customer service support in the industry. Being a customer-oriented cloud mining provider, they will also strive to ensure that you get a fulfilling service. This is why we highly recommend GENESIS MINING and as they continue to grow in this type of business, they will provide you with the best experience.

Get 2.5% Discount! Enter this code: FHEMle at your order and you’ll get 2.5% off !!!


  1. Dane O. says:

    Really love this Service. +++

  2. DrGenthivo says:

    After doing much research, I chose this company. Very Happy with my new contract. Genesis Mining is the best deal on the market, with sure!

  3. Fernando Erneiro says:

    Reliable company, I’m really happy with my payments and I will soon buy more hashpower

  4. nico says:

    using it since 14 months now

  5. dwild says:

    They offer a great service and the support is quick. Sadly though, with their high daily maintenance fee, it’s simply impossible to get your money back, let alone make a profit over it.

    At the current high bitcoin price of 660$, it represent 51% of your revenue and as the difficulty increase with time, it will get down quickly and when it will get lower than the maintenance cost, they will close your contract. You will get about 41.6% of what you invested back from them at that point in time.

    You can confirm that using this profitability calculator:

    For the Electricity rate put your hashrate * 0.0004 , which is their fee and for the power consumption use 41.66666, which will give 1 kWh/day (so that the electricity rate become a daily rate).

    It give me 15 months with a return rate of 41.6% of my initial investment, after that it get lower (which means my contract will get closed).

    Avoid them at all cost, you will lose money.

  6. Nina11 says:

    My experience mining with Genesis Minig is very positive. From their customer service that has always been fast in solving my dificulties to their transparency and how they have been open about company status and mining market ingeneral. Now, I know there will always be negative comments and that’s ok but my experience is positive and I can say that I have allways felt safe and like my investment is in legit place. My contracts, and I have a few in GM, are all running and are profitable even after so long since I started mining. I upgraded them as I was offered from Genesis, and I am more than satisfied with how things are going.

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